End Of My Tither -

TinakaHenton - posted on 06/27/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




I am deeply spiritual, a woman of faith and pray. I know all things happen for good reasons. However I must voice my thoughts and feelings about what's happening in my world. Hi, I have two daughters who both live with me. Who am I? My name is Tinaka, I am their Mum. With one daughter aged 20, and the other aged 16. Both have left school. Neither graduated, neither have qualification. Neither are interested in gaining any further education. Both are unemployed. We live in Australia, we are not citizens. There are know unemployment pensions available. I have inquired. So without education, qualifications, life experience, or work experience. I hope and I pray for their future. If they had fantastic, positive, attitudes, they may have had a chance. Unfortunately this is not the case. Somewhere in their thinking they believe, that I, their mum, have to support them and make all of their dreams come true for the rest of their lives. That's not real. Rarely contributing around the house, or financially. Neither wants a job, they just want a magic lamp with their own personal genies. Heads up, there isn't one , or two. So. where am I now. Three weeks ago I lost my job. Three weeks ago I started to apply for new employment. Having called an urgent meeting with my family 3 weeks ago, I expressed to them. This is where it's at. If you're not paying, your not staying, I can know longer do this on my own. In addition to my girls, I have an 11 year old son. I have know job, my money has run out and I'm now two weeks behind in my rent. Nobody's loosing sleep except me. know one is applying for jobs accept me. To further add to my stresses, both girls have substance abuse issues, for the past year. I have lent my support, emotionally and mentally and I have organised on going counselling, that one didn't attend. As a mother I have done all I can. Every option and avenue, bought and tried. I am exhausted. So is my money. Now I surrender. Now I choose to be there for my 11 year old son. Who has been impacted. How can he not be? The girls have made their choices. Yesterday two detectives knocked on my door. An indirect incident regarding someone they were associated with. This is not the first time. That was the straw that broke the camels back. I new, I had to make another choice. Tomorrow Sunday the 27th July 2015. I'm giving them both two weeks to find alternative accommodation. I have to rent their rooms. I've lost my job, I don't want to lose my house too.Their Dad's home is an option. So they won't be homeless. It has to be done. I'm selling household items to put food on the table and fuel in my car. Today I spent the day in my garden for 9 hours, and for 9 hours I did not speak. In my garden I meditated, I reconnected with God. With what's about to happen next, I need peace, calm and clarity. Thank you for listening.

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