Enemas for kids?

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I created an account just because I'm wondering if I've totally caused my 7 year old boy permanent damage. :-/ He didn't have a bowel movement for at least 5 or 6 days (constipation is normal for him, despit diet, exercise, etc). His dr. previously had him on Miralax, which worked grey when he had contipation months ago, but this time it's not helped. We are on vacation this weekend so I thought is try an enema, but I didn't ask his dr. before giving it to him. I followed the directions on the bottle for a child his age and it did clear him up, so to speak, but now after the fact, I've read a lot about scary side effects and I'm kinda freakin out. He seems completely fine, but I'm wondering if any of you have ever given your child an enema, and if so, what were your outcomes? You betcha I'll be asking his dr. before I do something like this again. :-(


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A late answer
Most of those scary side-effects only apply to patients with existing heart or kidney problems. As with all laxatives the "addiction" risk has been wildly overstated (often based on flawed research), and IBS specialists say that if someone has either IBS or just habitual constipation it's safer to use enemas (or suppositories) as a chemical crutch (to ensure thorough daily bowel evacuation) than any other medicine.
I've given enemas a few times - not fun but it works and is pretty safe

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