Epidural still causing pain 9 mos. later

Amber - posted on 09/27/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I had my 3rd child 9 mos. ago. This was the first time I've had the Epidural. I often feel like the needle is still there in my back, almost like it broke off in there. I'm sure that isn't the case. It's more of an annoying gross feeling than pain, & it randomly comes & goes. My sister said she felt like that for about 2 yrs after her Epidural & I was wondering if anyone else has had this same feeling or knows if it's a "normal" side effect. I plan on talking to the Doc. but I wanted other Moms opinions too. Thanks!


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I have had three kids, and only the last one I had the epidural. I had muscle spasms and back pain right at the spot for almost a year after. I was told it was normal to have light pain or aches in the spot for a while.

Even with all the pain from it I am definitely doing it again this time, the back pain is fair easier to deal with then the severity of my contractions (for me each labour hurts quite a bit more than the last) All I want is to be able to concentrate on giving birth.

If it gets to be too much I would go back to the doctor and get it checked, wouldnt hurt.


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Sarah - posted on 08/10/2011




I've been having this feeling lately, 18 months after my epidural. It's not pain at all, just like a tickle or itch, and a weird feeling that the needle/tube is still there.

Jennifer - posted on 10/03/2009




I had an epidural with my 2nd child, it was the worst mistake of my life, cause I had so many complications with it. They gave me to much medicine & I couldn't even feel pressure to know when to push, couldn't keep my legs open to even push him out. I had a lot of back pain after that. I would never reccomend someone getting an epidural. The 1st and 3rd children were so easy to have, no meds and not long labors. I think natural is the best way to go.

Sharon - posted on 09/27/2009




Feeling like the needle is still there...

is it a phantom pain? Or a sharp pain?

they only use a needle to get the flexible plastic tube in there. the needle is withdrawn and the tube remains to deliver anesthetic.

I had 3 epidurals. Only one gave me any issues. The anesthetician was a jerk and wouldn't wait for the contraction to pass and just shoved the needle through the really tight muscle. I was pissed.

IF you get migraine headaches - its because you're leaking fluid from the site and they may have to do a patch. Pain at the site - I know after my first two - there was no pain after 2 months. But the third seemed to take forever to go away.

Go see your doctor and get some real answers.

Good luck!

Jenn - posted on 09/27/2009




After my first I still had some pain there for a while - almost like a bruised feeling. It is one of the more mild possible side effects of an epidural that should have been explained to you when you received it - I know I had to sign a waiver when I got both of mine in case of a problem so they are not liable.

Carolyn - posted on 09/27/2009




I had the same pain you describe after 2 of my Epidurals and one I also experienced migrain type headaches. I have been told by doctors, nothing to worry about and other doctors have said couldn't be due to the epidural!! I still experience pain in this area although now it's probably due to carrying kids for so long, but initially I definately think the epidurals were the cause of my pains as they were in the exact spot it was inserted.

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