Octavia - posted on 04/10/2015 ( 5 moms have responded )




I'm very nervous about not being able to get an epidural..on time I'm already dilated to 1cm and I'm just wondering since this is my first baby would I be able to get one. On time..I really don't think I can handle pain naturally... I'm gonna need an epidural😢 I'm so nervous and stressed...help me


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Sarah - posted on 04/13/2015




Most of the time they are not going to give you an epidural until you are in active labor and progressing at a good rate and at least 3 cm dilated. As far as "needing" the epidural well that all depends on your labor. You can have a labor plan, but when the time comes the doctors will do what they need to do for both you and your baby. You may be able to get the epidural or you may not, either way you will survive. Labor is labor and no matter what you are going to feel some pain.....if that is all you focus on then it is going to be unbearable. But if you focus on other things then often times you feel less pain.

Jodi - posted on 04/10/2015




At 1cm dilated your baby could still be days away. They aren't going to give you an epidural now. Do you even have any labour pains yet?

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