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Our son was diagnosed at age 11yrs old. He started off on epilum,but seizures continued,back to dr's,he was put on keppra plus epilum and never looked back, only side effect is slight. ..memory block, as soon as we start to remind him of what it was he forgot, he.,remembers and continues to tell us of what it was that was blocked out, with that I got him to keep a diary and we find his memory blocks are getting less,.3YRS this December no seizures,has employment,drivers. ..licence,plays football,and I have not had to remind him to take his meds or to keep supplies up to date and he turned 18 June this year and is looking forward to moving into his own place...which we are at ease and happy for him do... So taking 400mg of epilum and 1000mg keppra in the morning and 600mg epilum and 1000mg at night and 6mth checkups with doctor...has worked marvelously for our son and we look at it now that if our child can live a normal happy life taking these medications then we are blessed cos there are families out there going through so much worse medical issue's then us.. But at the end of the day it's always on my mind that what if he forgets his meds or if he has a big night out with mate's?? He tells me to stop keeping him in a bubble... And I respond with ..I know I'm trying.. But I am your mum and mums just don't turn off from their children that easy ever.. So he's learning and well me I keep been his mum..hope I haven't dragged on but that's our story..epilum n keppra so far have worked great!! Xx

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