Essential Oils for Babies? Which ones are good?


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I'm a Massage Therapist (6 yrs. now) and this is what has worked for me!

Essential oils must be treated with care at all times and many of them carry contra-indications as to their use, such as not using them during pregnancy or on babies. However, there are some essential oils that are not only safe for baby but are also good for baby.


Select the safe oils for babies according to the baby's age.

From birth to 2 months: Chamomile (both German and Roman), Lavender, Yarrow and Dill are safe essential oils.

From 2 months to 6 months old: Adding to those already listed, you can also include Coriander, Neroli and Mandarin essential oils.

From 6 - 12 months old: Gradually add Grapefruit, Aniseed, Tea Tree and Calendula essential oils.

Be aware of how to use the oils safely and in what quantities. Always follow reputable instructions and always have a trusted recipe at hand.

Decide how you wish to use essential oils with your baby. There are some suggestions offered under "Tips" for starters. It is a great idea to do some research during pregnancy for suitable remedies for baby ailments and soothing.

Do not ever use eucalyptus or wintergreen on any child under 2 years of age. They can be lethal.

Essential oils for babies have such uses as helping to alleviate diaper rash and dried skin, such as cradle cap.

Massaging babies with essential oil is a delightful way to bond with and soothe your baby.

Oiling babies can be refreshing, clean and fun. But don't abuse your power; if they react unpleasantly to Burmuda or White Rhino scents, don't force it.

And of course some warnings for you....

Always ask your health professional for some advice before using on your baby or toddler.

Always read the labels. If in doubt, do not use. The place of purchase should be able to provide you with advice if you ask.

Do not ever use "essential Oils" that say not to use internally or on the skin. This are not essential oils but petrochemically distilled fragrance oils.

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i took my daughter to baby massage and was told never use adult essential oils on babies as they get the heart racing and a baby died as the heart worked to fast. i used olive oil to massage her.

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Depends what you use them for, how you use them and how old your baby is. Lavender EO is great to help babies sleep. I use it in my son's humidifier and I can see that he sleeps better with the Lavender than without... In the play room or wherever else your baby is active you can use Sweet orange EO in a diffuser it makes babies (and older kids as well) happier. However orange EO is harsh on the skin and should not be used on babies or any person with sensitive skin. Tee tree oil and lavender are antibacterial and can be used in diaper pails (if you use cloth diapers) or diluted in wipe solution... there are LOTS of EO's you can use but these are the most common... It always depends on what you want to use them for.

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Johnson’s Baby has developed a baby oil that locks in up to 10 times more moisture*. This safe and specially formulated moisturiser softens, protects and comforts the skin. Trusted by mothers throughout the world to bring softness with a touch of love.
Read more how to massage your newborn

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I always used the Apricot Oil made by Burt's Bees. It smelled so good and I knew I could trust it to be gentle on my baby's skin.

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EO's have to be diluted into a carrier oil to use on adult skin and even more on babies... make sure to consult an aromatherapist or naturopath to get the proper dosage and know which oils can be used on the skin... If you want to do a massage I suggest you use a cold pressed oil (Apricot Kernel, Olive oil,...) by itself. Use Eo's only in diffusers around the baby and make sure you check if they are suitable.

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