Essential oils with kids

Faro - posted on 05/15/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I am a big believer of using essential oils however they need to be used really carefully
I just found out that camphor birch and wintergreen convert to aspirin in our bodies
And people have died from overuse I stress overuse I think the woman who died used a huge quantity
You can google it. There is also a very iffy study that claims that a young boy developed
Breasts from using a lavender and tea tree oil styling gel but if you do more research into
This there are lots of opinions that this study is flawed that the amounts he would
Have gotten from a styling gel were minuscule and that it wasn't even clear that it was
The styling gel that caused his symptoms but for some reason this study has been
Used a a bandwagon for all those who want to bash essential oils. Also the mother
In the ringworm discussion that said she had first hand experience with her
3 year old daughter getting body hair and body door from using tea tree for a year
I would like to know how much she was using daily for a year. I won't stop using these
Oils but would perhaps only use very small diluted amounts short term as a precaution .

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