Ever since preschool, my son's attention span has been short. He likes to play in school and not really listen. He gets the stuff really quickly, but doesn't really do as he is told. He is in 1st grade now and they get conduct cards home. About 3 days out of the week, there is always some kind of comment about him, playing in his desk, not following directions or not listening. He knows the math, he knows how to read, the teacher even moved him up in a reading class. Just don't know what to do. Taken things away like the tv, desert after dinner and games. I even made him write, I will listen in class, like 20 times. Just don't know?


Elizabeth - posted on 10/05/2011




My first thought since you said he gets things really quickly is that he is probably bored out of his skull. Imagine sitting in a class for even 4 hours a day going over and over things that you got the first time. You as an adult might be able to handle it, however you have had many years of training to be able to be still and quiet. A child's body is not meant for sitting still all day, especially if he is really bored. Instead of trying to correct the behavior, I recommend trying to correct the cause of the behavior. Good luck.


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Tiffany - posted on 10/06/2011




Ask yourself if he always had a bit of trouble listening and focusing on activities or is this a NEW thing just now? Sometimes especially boys need to be physical for a while then they will sit and focus. So he may need a lot of physical play after school to help get this out. Also, is he more advanced than the other kids? He may just be bored and need a challenge. Ask his teachers if they think he may be accelerated and need to be in another class if there is one. Also, try small daily rewards for acting good at school. Get the teacher to give him a sticker if he follwed the rules- this will also let you know how he did and not even have to ask him, then if he gets three to four days of the week where he is doing well, let him pick a bit larger reward like picking a favorite restaurant Sat nite or going to another special place of his choice. Did you ever have to write "sentances"? If so did they help? Me never!!

Amanda - posted on 10/06/2011




I agree with Elizabeth, forget correcting the behaviour, how about redirecting his attention. IE to reading a book, or drawing. This is a system that has been worked out for both my children, whom are very bright and get bored very easy when they are done their work long before their other peers.

Tinker1987 - posted on 10/05/2011




Make a doctors appoitment to see if he has ADHD.my boyfriend was put on Ridilon (might be wrong spelling) when he was 7 years old,and went off of it the start of junior high.but he was a good kid smart as a whip but didnt have the attention span and still doesnt to be honest... he loses concentration easily and his mother said he had behavior problems from being hyper... just a thought. but if its something that needs to be corrected with medication taking away things likely wont help.

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