Everyone is saying she may be too smart for preschool?

Brittney - posted on 08/09/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




I'll start off with what my daughter does/knows and then what she doesn't know and then you can tell me if she would benefit from preschool. She can count to 30 without help and 90 with help, she knows her ABCs and recognizes them by sight/sound, she knows her shapes and colors, she is very close to speaking full complete sentences, she has been potty trained for 10 months (no accidents for 4 months now), she can dress herself if its easy (shorts, pants, underwear, skirt or a dress, socks and shoes), she can take anything off, she knows all her body parts, understands opposites, knows animals and sounds, answers 'what is your name', knows emotions (happy, sad, mad...etc), writes simple letters (O, I, L, R, U, V, P, W, X, S, K) but not on command, reads her name, feeds herself with a fork/spoon...and anything else I may have missed. She doesn't tie her shoes, sit still for a story, share, take turns, follow in a line, listen to anyone else (but me).

I called a potential preschool but it was all day from 9:00-3:30p and I thought it was too long for her age (she will be 2 next month) and so I was going to possibly send her to school in a year when she is 3, but who knows how much she will know by then. Do you think she is too smart for preschool? I was really hoping she could be around other kids for at least half a day every other day. She is rarely around other kids and she needs to build up her social skills. TIA!


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Preschool is mainly for developing social skills so though she may be ahead in academics it will still be good for her to be there for the social aspect of it. She is quite young to be starting preschool I would hold off for a year however I would look for a moms morning out or an indoor playground type group where you can get together with other moms and their children so your daughter can start learning some of those skills now.


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Pretty much what the others have said. Too young for pre-school but perfect age for a "playgroup" (as they are called here) where you take them along for a morning of playtime with other kids.
Pre-school is as much about learning social skills as academics and motor skills so I personally consider it important as we often focus so much on the three Rs that we forget about teaching them how to interact with the world around them and preparing them for their school experience.
Wait until she is older.

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I was in your position my daughter learns so quickly but I knew at 2 she was too young. My daughter just turned 3 though so she's going to preschool this year. When I went to the school and asked about the things she'd learn I thought to myself "Well she already does all that stuff" but we're having her going anyways for the peer interaction. There is no such thing as "too smart" I'd at least wait until closer to 3 though.

And great job momma teaching her all those things!

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