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Teresa - posted on 11/29/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm just feeling overwhelmed. We're still in the process of divorcing, he still talks bad about me to my 14 year old son, and my 13 year old daughter is so afraid of him she will not go see him. My daughter has mild CP, mild Tourettes's, anxiety issues . . . and he expects her to act like a a mature young adult. It seems to me that he is realizing that he is losing control over me, so he is now taking his abuse out on my daughter. It makes make me sick! I do not know what to do .. . . he still gets to me with his manipulative texts. The past two days have been very upsetting. I hate to complain, but I need some help. Would someone please talk to me?


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Ev - posted on 11/30/2014




Is there any orders right now concerning the visitation? and custody? You can not control how he treats her when she is with her dad unless you have proof he is harming her and can provide it to court. If you have a visitation set up right now keeping her away from him is a violates the court order. You need to get copies of those texts and get them to your lawyer so he or she can admit them to court as evidence of harassment. He should not be doing that. If he has issues tell him to address them to his lawyer and your lawyer will go over them with you. Stop responding to text messages and only talk on the phone. Talk about the kids only and what is going on with them. Keep it short, simple, and then hang up.

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