Ex and his family pressuring me.

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To get the background for what's going on I'll say this... When I was 14 weeks pregnant my(now ex) left me, never told his fam or friends that I was pregnant. I ended up telling the family when my baby was a year old(for court & )child support. Since this family has bin in our lives it has bin a fight, full of guilt trips and excuses as to why my ex isn't being a good dad etc. Now, (not surprisingly) he went and had another secret baby, but supposedly he's changed and wants to be a good dad after 8 years. His new gf is causing drama trying to get ppl to talk to me etc. I am livid!!! Everyone is telling me I should give him YET another chance, but he does not txt, call nothing to show he's changed! I have said numerous times I do not want to be pressured into decisions, now they are trying to force me to talk to my ex by threatening court!! I'm so done being bullied by them and being made to feel guilty because him and his gf put his fam in the middle. Help please!!


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Ok, but here's what you have to understand. If he takes you to court, he does have the right to ask for visitation, and even custody.

Whether or not you "want" him around is irrelevant. You, at one point, thought enough of this person to have unprotected sex with him. He is the father of your child.

Your best protection is offense. Get the court orders filed before he does. Get support orders, and ask for supervised visitation. beat him to the courthouse.


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Thank you for the response,
It's his family doing this, not him. I've given him 8 years of chances to be a good dad and he has yet to prove that he's changed since claiming so. He doesn't ask to see our child, doesn't contact me at all, he gets his fam to do it.
I have never denied access to our child and have never "threatened" them that I would take the child away from them. I have never met his new gf, no one even knew he had one, let alone that they had a baby! I just can't get over the fact he says he's changed but is not showing it at all but gets his family in the middle to txt, call me n yell, threaten me!! He's neglected our child for 8 years, not much of a "father" he wasn't even there when our child was born. I just don't understand why they are putting this situation on me, I didn't create this, I didn't do this, I didn't put anyone in the middle or asked them to choose between my child and the new gf n new baby.

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