Ex Gave up rights now filed for 50 50

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My ex took my daughter then gave up his rights to his mother I had to fight her for 3 month in court and won. The day I won he filed for 50 50 custody and I want to see what you all think. I want to only give him every other weekend and no legal rights. Who gives up there child then says oh wait never mind only a narcissist. Please tell me what you think. We are in CA


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I think that, regardless of what you think, the man has a right to a relationship with his daughter. When you say he 'gave up his rights to his mother', what do you mean? That his mother had primary care for the child when he was having his visitation, or did he actually rescind his legal rights to his child?

If it was the first, then he's got every right in the world to request shared custody, even 50-50, and the child DESERVES to know her father. Not only that, SHE has the right to a relationship with him, whether you want her to have one or not.

What you WANT to "let" him have, and what he will be granted in a court of law are two separate and different things, since the child is not YOUR possession, she is a human being, with two parents. She's got the right to have BOTH of them in her life.

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