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Hi everyone, can I keep my kids away from the new girlfriend legally? the new gf does not have custody of her three kids because she is an alcoholic and she does not take her medicine for being bipolar. My ex husband and her have broke up and got back together at least 4 times in the past year and an half that they have been together. this last time he told me that she went back to her ex husband whom she does not have kids with and he went over there to get her back, and her ex pulled a gun on my ex. what can I do legally


♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 12/17/2015




Were your kids with your ex when he allegedly had a gun pulled on him? Have your children been injured as a direct result of being in contact with this woman?

You cannot control whom your ex associates with. If you have PHYSICAL PROOF that this woman is a danger to your children, then by all means present it at your next court date, but if not, you won't get far.

Using hearsay won't help you either. You need to have documented proof: Police reports, pictures, statements, etc.


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Dove - posted on 12/17/2015




You can take your evidence to court and petition to have it written into the court order that she not be allowed around the children, but it's up to the judge whether or not to grant it based on what you can prove.

Without a court order specifying it... it is 100% up to your ex who he chooses to have around the kids or not during his time w/ them... just as it is 100% up to you who you have around the kids or not during your time w/ them.

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