Ex Husband's new fiance is a nightmare! Help!!

Genavieve - posted on 08/18/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I've been divorced for 4 years and have 80% custody of my two young children. They're Dad lives 2 hours away and has them every other weekend and four weeks in the summer. He met, fell in love and proposed to a woman within the past 8 months. My daughter has been deeply affected by this because she hardly sees him and now he lives with his new fiance and her two young daughters. When my daughter returned home last weekend from her Dad's house, she told us (my fiance and I) that Kari (soon to be stepmom) had kicked her and her Dad out of the house, was screaming and yelling at her and her Dad etc.!? We of course called her Dad and he confirmed the story but told us Kari had taken Ambien the night before and was not her 'normal, sweet self'. As the next weekend visit approached, I sent an email to make sure that this behaviour would never happen again or I would take legal action. My daughter was terrified to go back to their home. I then recieved over 20 text messages from Kari that included insults, name calling, inappropriate remarks about having sex with my former husband and just plain bullying remarks. I was stunned! My only response was "I will not participate in this behavior, please stop texting me". It continued and I had to ask three more time to STOP but the text messages became more and more abusive. Of course I want to tell her what I really think but that would be lowering myself to her immature level of communication and capacity. But it kills me to think that I have to send my children to her home and that my ex thinks she is so sweet. They are talking about moving to the town we live in the next three months.....HELP! How do I deal with this crazy person.....that thinks I'M the crazy one?


Lacye - posted on 08/18/2012




Have a restraining order put against her for you and your child. Keep all text messages (including the ones where you asked her to leave you alone) to keep as evidence to show that you are being harassed by this crazy bitch. You also need to be extremely careful about what you say in front of your ex and her. From the sounds of it, she is bat shit crazy and will try to harm you or your children.

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