Ex husbands new girlfriend out of hand?

Michelle - posted on 07/12/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have sole custody of our 2 children. Been separated for over 3 years.
My ex turned into a "ghost" since separation until just recently... Sort of...

His new girlfriend, which myself or children have never formally met, showed up to serve me court documents.
Date of court, ex didn't show up (again) he was requesting more access.. Even though he never exercised the current access order. Ever.

Than I get friend requests on social networks from the gf. I ignored them.

Than I start recieving phone calls from her. Which I also ignored.

2 months later it was one of my childs bday.
I get a knock at the door.... Its her.
Gifts in hand, she actually tries to make her way into my house!?!?!!

I blocked her from entering. She than proceeds to ask if my child is home... I answer yes. So than she just stands there. Waiting to see if I would get my child so she could give the gift personally!? !!
I started to close the door. She handed me the gift. She said "make sure (name of child) gets this.
I took the gift and closed the door in her face.

Ok so serously... Am I like the crazy ex wife here? Or is this person just stepping way out of line?
My ex has still not made any direct contact with myself or children... Just the gf.
My kids don't even know her.. Why would I let some "stranger" into my house to give my kid a gift??

Help please!
Thanks in advance.


Kelsey - posted on 07/12/2013




Yea, that seems way over the line considering that your ex isn't in the picture. I would be talking to your ex about this issue. If he doesn't care, it may boil down to you actually talking to this woman about boundaries.

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