Ex moved out of state and living with his gf.

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I am a mother of two years old, and i share joint custody with my ex. I moved to california after the divorce for job opportunity and i sent him the moving notice just like court order said. Five months later i moved he moved to Florida to live with his gf. She knows him for long time, in fact she was one of the girls he was sexting with. She tags herself on Facebook with our daughter's pictures( when she was born) and its jot that i am against him seeing his daughter, i put up with alot of bs, he still has no job and he hasn't paid his child support at all, and ive waited for him to pay( i never went to child support enforcement) after 9months from our divorce he finally said he wanting to keep his daughter for few weeks, and my daughter has never gone overnight for that long without me. I guess this is me being selfish but i dont feel comfortable when knowing theres another female presence in the apartment he lives in. I dont know his living setting is, but all i know is that he lives with this girl. Hows the joint custody parent with living gf law in Florida? Also, is there anyway i can slow down the process of having to go overnight visit so soon? Id like her to spend sometime with her father but im afraid sudden visitation like this without her mom can stress her out ? I went through court with my ex and we have agreement.


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When one (or both) parent(s) move, the agreement through the courts must be changed to reflect the move, the laws in the new location(s), etc.

Go back to court.

Maria D - posted on 04/01/2013




From my expirience I have found that doing everything through the court helps more than trying to make verbal arrangements just because sometimes they have someone putting ideas in to their heads and he should come to cali rather than you go or send your little one to Florida. Make sure that first you change your custody case to the county you reside in or the court cannot gelp unless the case pertains to their county


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