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Should I feel offended? Should she be addressing my son as " My Son" in front of me or at all? My Ex has been living with his new partner now for a year. Our son began alternating weeks since April. This was not suppose to be permanent and his father has refused to cooperate in returning schedule back to previous. There is no court order for parenting at this time. We have been separated for 5 yrs. They recently had a baby girl. On more than one occasion she has addressed or referred to my son as " My Son" in front of myself and even my mother. The first time it happened she was picking up my son at my mother's. And when he came to the door she said " Ready to go my son." Second time was when I went to her work to pick up a fundraiser form and when my son was headed back to lobby she said " Where are you going my son." And last just recently she said when I was dropping him off and opened and closed the door a few times. " please stop doing that my son". I am a easy going person and it takes a lot to get me to make a big deal out of anything. I prefer to be the bigger person and let it go. But I have to be honest, I feel agitated to say the least. Offended and really questioning if it is even appropriate for her to be addressing him this way. Help!!! Am I being silly.

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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 05/10/2016




Seriously? You're upset because the child has more than one loving adult in his life?

Good grief. If all of the parents of all of the kids who hang out at my house were to get offended by the times that I call their kids "my girl" or "my children" as a term of affection...oh my god. Hell would break loose.

She's showing the boy that she cares for him, and loves him.

Michelle - posted on 05/10/2016




Is it really a big deal in the whole picture?
It sounds like she doesn't abuse him and treats him like her own That's the best you can ask for in a step parent.
Why don't you want to keep the 50/50 care going? Also why don't you have custody, visitation and child support court ordered?
I would suggest letting what she calls him go and get everything else sorted out first.

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