Ex texting pictures, how can I tell him to stop?

Cecil - posted on 06/25/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son's Dad and I communicate better now than we did 2 years ago. Which im happy about, but i believe he thinks we are "friends" now and i dont want to be friends. I just want to Co Parent with him and give our son our best. He Texts me pictures of him, which are cute of coarse but i have a boyfriend and i wouldnt want to make him feel uncomfortable having him think my ex and i are the best of friends. And honestly, after my son's dad and i made the decision we werent going to be together, what's his is his and whats mine is mine, I dont want to be receiving pictures from him, i dont even send him pictures of our son when i go out with him or if he does something silly. How can I let him know i would like for him to stop without sounding like a rude person?


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 06/25/2012




I'm confused as well. You need to have a cordial relationship, and if the pictures are of your son, you should be happy to get cute pics of your son when he's enjoying time with his father. And, you should return the gift to him by sending him cute pics that you take of your son.

If your boyfriend doesn't understand that divorced parents need to co-parent (part of which is sharing pics), then it's your boyfriend that needs to grow up.

Granted, I'm assuming that the pics are of the boy, based on your description of "cute"...I don't tend to see many adults that describe pictures of grown men as "cute".

Krista - posted on 06/25/2012




Maybe I'm not getting it, but I really don't see the harm in it. He's not sending you pictures of himself, he's sending you pictures of your son, because he thinks you would like those photos. So you might not want to be "friends", but why not at least be "friendly"? I can tell you right now, as the child of divorced parents, that if you and your ex can get along well and be cordial, it makes things SO much easier on your kid. My parents didn't get along at all, and it was really hard on me. I actually wound up eloping, because I didn't trust them to be together at my wedding without fighting. Whereas my dad and his second wife managed to get along wonderfully after they split. They're friends -- and my half-brother has often expressed how grateful he is for that.

Just be civil. He sends you a photo, you text back, "Thanks!", and then let it go and move on with your day. If your boyfriend can't handle you being cordial with your ex, then he needs to grow up.

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