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*****Please note, the OP was bitching about her husband having a co parenting relationship and the inlaws remaining friends on FB with the ex...As usual, when told to be an adult about the situation, and that dictating to other adults how to run their personal lives may not be advisable...rather than own her OP, she deleted the entire thing. OH SO VERY ADULT!!!******************************************

Well, you need to understand that, if their relationship was 20 YEARS strong, she has bonds with the entire family, and you cannot, nor should you try to, choose your inlaw's friends for them.

You basically stepped in to what was a working co-parenting relationship, and dictated that he stop contact and set 'boundaries' with his ex. However, the description that you gave did not indicate that any boundaries were being crossed. Oh my...his ex invites him to family functions! (the kids ARE his family...) Oh my, he and his ex are not only cordial to each other, they actually have an adult level relationship, where they've remained friends! How shocking! (actually, it's an AWESOME deal that they handled the situation so maturely) Not only do they share their grown children, but now they also share grandchildren. You really had no right to dictate.

Its time for you to be an adult as well. Quit acting upset and put out about OTHER PEOPLE'S choice of friends. Of course the family is interacting with the ex, and (gasp) may even still be friends with her. They sound like a very mature family, all things considered.

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