Ex-wife and self centers daughter

Maria - posted on 03/05/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




I need to know what to do, I can't take this anymore seeing my husband stressed out and dealing with ex-wife and their daughter..
Daughter has no contact with her dad since divorced he has made ever effort but she won't have it ...anytime their is it's contact is for money they want money...he has no say so in what she does last year she took off to settle Washington to see a boyfriend she dated for two weeks...recently we found out she's been dating a 52 year old she met on a dating website, she flys back and forth out of state on Weekends to see him...that bad thing is the ex-wife approves of it.they hide everything from dad. she is 18 and going to school half a day graduates in May ...my husband is not told of dr appt. or why she goes. He has many times asked for copies of school grades and attendance so far we haven't received copies but when she needs money from him they are constantly demanding he pay his half on their time ...I just need to know what I can do ...ex-wife is selfish and daughter is same way they gotta have money but daughter doesn't want to work even tho she has a car..HELP US!!!


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Maria - posted on 03/05/2014




Thank you, there is court orders, he was paying child support to the state but ex wasn't getting her money every moth so she called the state, and told them that she wanted him to pay her directly so he has been paying her directly since November, court papers says he is to pay child support til she graduates and be enrolled in college by OCT 1st she won't won't apply for financial aid ...but he has no problem paying his part...the problem is she doesn't work she she has no desire for responsibilities, she goes to the dr for a runny nose, when we ask why she went to the dr they won't tell us but expect to pay for medical bil, last year at prom they bought the dress dad had no idea she was even going but we found out when she send the bill for prom dress and etc. they bought a car with out dad knowing or have any say so in it and expected him to pay for half of it ...my husband constant has asked for school record why she goes to the dr every other day and he gets no answeres.

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You can't do anything, except encourage him to pursue this with his attorney. If the ex is not abiding by court orders to provide information, he can have her charged for that. If there ARE no court orders...then he needs to pursue some.

However, if the daughter is 18, there's not much he can do to force a relationship, if she is not willing to do so. HOWEVER... He is also (once she's 18, or has reached the age stated in the divorce paperwork) NOT OBLIGATED to continue to support her demands. Its a two way street. If she wants her father to continue to provide monetary support, she has to be willing to forge a relationship. If not, well, she's an adult...and adults support themselves and their life choices without depending on their parents.

Michelle - posted on 03/05/2014




Well the daughter is now an adult and your husband doesn't have to pay child support anymore. I think he needs to stop giving them money when they want it, all he's doing is showing them that he will give it to them.
There's not a lot you can do now anyway, he especially doesn't need to give his ex wife anything. He should have gone for visitation through the courts earlier. He also can't make his daughter come for visitation since she is now 18.
He needs to be strong and let them know he's not their personal bank anymore.

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