Excruciating Upper Thigh/Groin Pain - Third Trimester

Abby - posted on 11/09/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




I'm 4'9 and 125 lbs. My doctor says that I am gaining weight appropriately and am all belly. I'm in my third trimester and pregnant with my 3rd child, so pregnancy is nothing really new to me (due in a month). What IS new to me, is this pain. I've had sore ligaments (and even a torn ligament) before, so I know the pain associated with them...but this is NOT the same.

I'm unsure if I over-walked or what happened, but the day before Halloween I did do a lot of walking and in the end could barely walk into my house at the end of the day. I was a little sore and basically shuffling into the house slowly. I assumed that I had overdid myself, and attempted to rest as much as possible before Trick or Treating that night.

On Halloween night, I didn't even make it a good 3 blocks before I was having excruciating upper thigh/groin pain (either side of my personals in the muscles, and if I step on my left leg it shoots pain down my leg). It is nonstop, and it eventually spread to my lower abdomen (if you cut me in half at my belly button, my pain was from belly button down including my lower back). If you touched my stomach, sharp pain would radiate from where you touched. (The pain was so bad that I actually had to sit on a curb and wait for my husband to come get me with the car to go home, then he had to carry me inside. I really could NOT take another step after about 5 blocks.)

As you can tell by the date, that was over 8 days ago. I now cannot walk at all. If I attempt to stand, the pain is unbearable. My husband has been carrying me to the bathroom. Either the pain is too much and I'm screaming in pain while trying to get to wherever I need to go...or my entire body buckles underneath me (with the pain), and I have no control over it. This is not just soreness. I can't even roll out of bed.

In the past 8 days, I have been popping ibuprofen like a mad woman and put myself on mandatory bedrest (I figured it'd go away after resting for a while?). I also kept a diary of my bowel movements and my water intake. It is neither constipation nor dehydration. That was my second idea of what it might be...

I did check myself into the ER two nights ago, and after three hours in the labor and delivery unit...all they could tell me was to take some loretab (which they only prescribed 3 to last 5 days until my next appointment?), and that it wasn't my bladder. They were still unsure of what to do or what it was by the time I finally just checked myself out. I'm also NOT dilated at all.

I also started having really painful braxton hicks (which I know is usually NOT painful). The shooting/radiating pain has mostly gone away, but the pain in my grown has NOT. I also started having extreme back labor pains. The back labor pains seem to go away after a few hours of rest, but the groin pain does NOT.

I DO use a belly band, but it doesn't seem to be helping. Laying down helps, but walking it off does not. It makes it even worse - if you can imagine that. I take a sitz bath every hour, but without my husband's help I wouldn't even be able to get into it.

I really can't even stand up straight, and can't put any pressure whatsoever on either of my legs without the pain. Even readjusting while sitting with my legs elevated in front of me, is incredibly painful. (When I have to go to the bathroom, it gets even worse)

My husband went to work the other night, and I was left sitting on the couch (after kidlets went to bed). It took me 2 hours to get myself OFF the couch, upstairs (5? steps), and into bed. I could barely crawl, and even then I had an insane amount of pain.

My husband has taken over driving the kids to school, but I'm pretty much useless. If the pain wasn't so bad, I'd suck it up as another joy of pregnancy...

Also, I actually have a diminished sense of pain from my hips down. I usually can't feel pain easily at all, but THIS I can feel in full force. If I had to judge the pain based on my own pain scale, it'd be an easy 10 of 10. If it was based on a normal person's pain scale it'd be 20 of 10.

On Halloween night when I finally collasped on the curb. It felt like every step I took, that the baby's head was coming out. I've been told the baby is breech (not sure if he turned yet or not). I know that this is probably a normal "symptom" of pregnancy, but it really freaked me out. It felt like his head was inches from just falling out.

So, I'm wondering what this is. I have an appointment with my doctor on Monday, but I really don't think she will even be able to find anything. Does anyone know what this is? I don't think this is normal round ligament pain either.

PS. The ER nurses informed me that I could take ibuprofen for the pain when I ran out of the loretabs prescribed. Ibuprofen doesn't help much, the loretabs took some of the zing out of the pain but made me pass out for almost an entire day (and woke up with the pain again...sigh...). So, it only helped "hide" the pain and knock me out.

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