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Can anyone suggest a good dvd to workout to for pregnancy? I just took a test and found out I'm pregnant again. I have pretty much lost all my weight from my last pregnancy but was still working on the extra from before that. I'd like something energizing/relaxing just to keep me going and to help with post-natal recovery. I find it easiest to work out at home. I love pilates but not sure if that's doable while pregnant. I really need to work on my back/stomach muscles to make it through this pregnancy so if anyone has tips for that especially, that'd be great. Thank you!


Nicole - posted on 05/14/2011




Thanks for your thoughts. We have xbox kinect and it's a lot of fun. Not sure how much of that I can do once I get bigger though!

I'm going to look for a yoga type strength dvd geared for pregnancy and stick to walking.

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If you are already doing a routine exercise program, you can continue that, just be a little less vigorous. I worked in a health club and seen women working out normally until a week before they were due. IF you are use to it already. Otherwise there are DVD's for pregnant women.

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I've seen yoga dvds for pregnant women, check online for best prices and easiest availability.

I bought the Wii Fit Plus and my boyfriend calls it the Wii Fat lol because our characters bloated out to our fat selves upon entering. It was cute. The games in this are truly challenging in some areas. There's one we cannot even make it through 30 seconds of because it's so touchy balance wise. Also, another game where you have to flap your wings and get to the next post like a bird... I suuuuuucked, my bf is good he actually finished the challenge LOL and last but not least..... there's a game where you stand on the board like you're on one of those electric stand up rolly things you see ppl on in malls or Target security guards and you have to lean forward......... this........ killed........ my...... back totally dead. Owie. So there's lots to it. Also a stepping game which I suck at. Hmmmmmmmm.. just not so good at this. I would also look into the Biggest Loser game, it got great ratings and sounds awesome. You can even challenge friends and make your own challenges to complete I hear......... really wanna buy that one.......... :)

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I know it sounds silly but I really took to wii fit plus. It was easy to do it at home, and keeped me motivated. It also offers different levels. Hope this helps :)


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