Exhausted parents of an almost 1 year old

Danielle - posted on 07/27/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Ok so our son just does not sleep at night. We lay him down he falls a sleep and then he gets up and is up until 6-7 am. We try to keep him awake through out the day but he will sit in one spot and scream until we lay him down. He slept good until he was about 7 months old. We have no clue what to do and havent slept more than a few hours in a long time. Please help!!!


Gena - posted on 07/27/2015




Is he teething? Try giving him a goodnight bath before bedtime. I used a goodnight baby bath gel and afterwards a goodnight baby lotion. It smells very nice and calming. Try get something like that. When you give your son a massage with the lotion rub his legs slowly down to his feet. Same with the arms,start by the shoulder's and rub slowly down to the hands. It helps to calm. Doing it the other way can do the opposite.
Hope it helps and that you get some sleep! Good luck

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