exhusband and wife driving me crazy emailing everyday about something

Rhonda - posted on 11/21/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




Today I got an email saying I sent the wrong cloths back to their house. because we have to supply clothes for them to wear at our own houses. The kids did not know which belong at which house. this is an example of the emails i get from almost daily.

i got another email say i forgot to remove his name from something so he got charged and he was going to deduct is from the child support.

My son needed contacts and he was not happy with the doctor i was taking him to so i took my son to his doctor so we could get him contacts and split the cost which we agreed to. After i paid for the contacts he said i spent to much and he was not paying his half.


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Ev - posted on 11/21/2013




I have to agree with Laura's post. My son has his bag of clothes he uses at both my house and his dad's. It contains ALL jeans, shirts, underwear, socks, and other necessities he has. He brings his stuff to my house for laundry every visit and does his own laundry. He also has other chores he is responsible for. There is no dad's or mom's at all going on. He also has his things at my house he wants here because he does not want the step sibs getting a hold of it and ruining it and that has happened in the past. He always brings the things he wants to keep. He takes what he wants over there and brings it back. As for child support and such that is set by the courts and needs to be adhered to. CHanging it because it make sense or whatever is not going to fly. That money is for the kid not the adults. Also any other court ordered things like medical bills being paid need to be done as was set up. If one parent pays for the whole thing then you need to set up something to get the bills to the other parent so they can pay back their half and send it to the court house to be registered that it is paid and they will mail the check on to the other parent.

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Stop letting your kids play you against each other. And stop using your children as weapons against each other. Everyone's stress level will be significantly reduced. I have navigated the stepfamily/blended family dynamic and believe me, it's no picnic! You and the Ex should iron out the financial details (like finding out how much contacts cost before you make the appointment)
The clothes thing is ridiculous...those clothes are supposed to belong to the child, not the household. "Pack for your dad's" should be all that is required other than the parents deciding the dress code and both sticking to it. Do whatever laundry they accumulate in your house (better yet, teach them to do it themselves).
He'll find other lame excuses to continue to email you almost daily. However, if the kids become responsible for their personal belongings and daily schedules, and the two of you have a global agreement on how things are handled, the content of the emails will be easy to dispatch with minimal effort on your part.
Just keep in mind the best revenge is a good life.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 11/21/2013




Well, if you can't remember which clothes belong at which house, mark them with "mom's" and "dad's" on the tags. Simple solution there.

If it's in the court ordered support paperwork that he pays a certain amount each month, and he refuses, he can be held in contempt. If he wants to disagree with something, he needs to present it to his attorney so that it can be addressed in the court orders.

Same with the contacts. if they were a NECESSARY expense, and it's in the court orders that the expense be split, then he needs to cough up. HOWEVER, if the optometrist didn't prescribe contacts for his eye health, then your ex could argue that glasses would have been enough, and it was an unnecessary expense for the contacts.

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