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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 04/28/2014




Not well, but since it wasn't their choice, nor their immediate family, it didn't matter.

Gena - posted on 04/28/2014




My parents were very happy and exited!But i guess it depends on the situation..like Anna because of religion,or if you are a teen etc.

Anna - posted on 04/27/2014




My dad is a pastor. My mom and dad both are incredible parents and did their best to raise me to follow Christ. I am a believer however i am also human. I made a mistake one night and as a result I got pregnant with my beautiful son who I love more than anything. I was TERRIFIED to tell my parents. I knew i would shatter them. I lived two hours away and drove home the day after I found out to tell them. My dad was the only one home. He knew something was wrong and I told him I wanted to wait for mom to get home for me to tell them both. I had been crying for hours so I was clearly upset. My dad, being the incredible man that he is, kissed me on the forehead and told me regardless of what I was going to tell them, they loved me and we would get through it. HARDEST moment of my life, but they handled it with such grace. Hope this helps

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