Experiences switching from Mirena to the Pill??

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I know everyone's body is different, but I'm just curious to see if there is any sort of trend... So my question is for anyone who has gone from a Mirena removal directly to a birth control pill: How long was it before you got your period back?? I had my Mirena removed about 6 weeks ago and started on the Lo Loestrin pill a couple days later. I had very brief spotting a couple times, but have yet to have a period. Obviously I am prepared with supplies in the bathroom and my purse, so I don't need that common sense advice (a couple people have already "warned" me to just be prepared. Yeah thanks, DUH! Haha). Really, I'm just curious when I should expect it to return, so I'd like to hear from anyone who has experience switching. Also, due to the chaos of having just moved added with the fact that my husband accidentally deleted my daily reminder alert on my phone to take my BC, I missed a couple days in a row. So at the same time I'm trying to keep in mind how long I should wait for my period before becoming concerned! Thanks ladies!


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