Explanation for Phantom Kicks?

Alison - posted on 06/07/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




3 years post partum and on Mirena... I'm pretty sure I am not pregnant, but I cannot find any info on the internet as to why I am getting these persistent kicking sensations in my lower abdomen.

Does anyone know?


Tiffany - posted on 06/07/2011




I was on Mirena as well after my 2nd baby. I could not stand it. I had pain through the entire year that I had it. My periods were longer than before as well. My periods would be about 2 months apart then when they came they would last 2 weeks! I also felt the crazy kicking and my husband and I actually sat and watched my tummy one day moving like there was a baby in it and this continued through the entire year. At times they were extreemly strong. I got worried and one night I began hurting and had been bleeding for 5 weeks and decided the "kicking" was going on to long and i was not convinced by the negiative tests. I went to the er and ended up in icu with a heart rate of 130 sky rocketed blood pressure and beyond the dangerous point of dehydration. I felt fine, i drove myself there, i didnt fell in icu condition, but they informed me it was mind blowing to them that i was still standing and talking. All from that little peice of plastic. Anyhoo, I had it removed that night, going on a year without it now, and the kicks are still here. The have not slowed down one bit. I wonder at times if it may be some kind of parasite, but i shiver when i think of that so i just blame it on gas bubbles (even though you and i both know it feels nothing like gas bubbles) I have no clue what could be causing this feeling, but i did want to let you know you are not the only one feeling this. My lo is going on 2 years old and i still feel it. Im going to keep a check on this convo and see if i cant get an answer too.


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Victoria - posted on 05/15/2012




weird... I have the same sensation; my baby is 3yrs old and I have mirena... I actually love it.. only side effect is the bloating and period like symptoms. I still get kicks, Im actually at work right now and get one.. freaked me out. Maybe its our biological clock telling us something!

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