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Sarah - posted on 04/15/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




I was looking for suggestions on a carseat to remain rear facing as long as possible. We have the Graco "B is for Bear" infant carseats for our twins girls that are now 7 months old. They are a little on the lighter side because they were 6 week premature...so they are around 16/17 lbs now. Our current infant carseats can hold up to 30 pounds. The next size up carseats that we looked at in Babies R' Us were up to about 75 lbs but only 35 or 40 pounds rear facing. Has anyone seen a higher rear facing weight limit in a carseat?


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Mercedes - posted on 04/18/2013




I recently bought my 22 month old a new carseat because I learned that extended rear facing is better and I had him in a crappy forward facing seat. I got the Graco My Ride (it rear faces to 40 lbs and forward faces to 65) and he is 27 lbs now, so I wouldn't worry about them reaching the weight limit too early. Once my boy turned one his growth rate reeeally slowed down, as a lot of kids do! Congratulations on deciding to ERF! :)

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If their infant seats rear face to 30 pounds and they are only 16/17 pounds right now... I wouldn't even worry about it.... especially since you can find seats that rear face to 40 pounds. Many kids aren't 40 pounds until 3 years old... or older.

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Most only go to 40, but my son didn't reach 40 pounds until he was 5 years old. By then, I was comfortable turning him around in a 5 point harness seat.

I know that the Clek Foonf convertible seat goes up to 45 pounds rear facing, but it's kind of pricey at $450. That said, it also converts to a forward facing seat up to 65 pounds, so it is likely the only seat you will ever need.

Also, the Peg Prego Convertible Premium Infant to Toddler seat goes to 45 pounds rear facing, and up to 70 pounds front facing. It is only $380.

Our infant seat went to 35 pounds rear facing, and I can't remember what it was, but it was NOT that expensive--I know it was less than $300. My son was just shy of 4 years old when he outgrew the rear facing limit for that seat and I put him in the forward facing Graco Nautilus. I LOVE this seat. Not only is it a steal at less than $200, but it goes up to 65 pounds in the 5 point harness (the highest weight for a harness on the market) and 100 pounds as a belt positioning booster. My son is 8 years old now, and he is actually still within the weight limit for the 5 point harness, but I've just started letting him just use the belt positioner for the ride to & from school because his friends are all in booster seats now and he was embarrassed (I still use the harness if we go into town or on the interstate). In my opinion, it is a much more budget friendly option and while you might have to turn your children forward a couple of months earlier, it will ultimately keep them in harness seats much longer, and I have found that the harness is very important for older kids. Parents often switch to a booster seat too soon and children are injured.

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