Extreme Couponing??

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Yesterday a friend of mine started telling me about extreme couponing, and I was wondering if there are any moms on here that do it. If so how do you get started, how much time does it take each week? I guess I'm just looking for stories from moms that do this and how you get started?


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I wouldn't call myself and "extreme couponer" but I do coupon. The worst thing you can do is cut all the coupons from the Sunday paper or print out all the coupons from a website. You'll end up buying a bunch of stuff you don't need and not really save money. The second worst thing you can do is to try to do it all at once. Take one couponing strategy, and learn how to use it. Then try another strategy to add to the first. Slowly but surely you will work your way up to being a coupon pro. Here is a website that I used when trying to cut back on my grocery budget. Maybe it can help you too!


As far as the amount of time spent...you'll learn to gauge that too. I do all my grocery shopping for two weeks at one time. I take about an hour before my shopping trip to make a menu, shopping list, go through the grocery store circular, and go through all the coupons I've collected (throwing out expired ones as I go). My shopping trip takes about an hour. So, in a two week period, I spend a total of 2 hours thinking about groceries and coupons! (And on occasion, I'll run out of something and need to head back to the store, but because I make a detailed menu that rarely happens)

You have to think of your time as money. How much money per hour of work are you saving? I spend 2 hours and save about $30-$50. If you look at it like I MADE money (instead of saving it) that would be $15-$25 and hour. That's worth it to me. If I were spending 6 hours a week searching out coupons and deals and still only saved $30-$50, that would mean I made $5-$8 an hour. That's not worth my time. Keep in mind that it will take more time in the beginning as you are learning, but eventually it shouldn't take too much time, and it will be well worth it!


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Cori - posted on 01/23/2011




i totally want to get into couponing, i read a story about a woman whos grocery bill was $200 before coupons, after coupons she got it down to $35.. thats crazy! and she got food for 2 weeks!!

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