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Deedee - posted on 01/14/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'd like to know how to properly handle extreme fears that our son has. My main concern, at this time, is his fear of the dark. For some reason, he's afraid of the darkness outside. At bedtime, he will "hide" under the blanket....hiding from the dark outside....even though it's pitch black under the blanket. The light we have in our room doesn't comfort him. It seems as if we're always having to tell him that he's safe. He was doing fine for a while, but it seems like over the past few months, especially since we finally moved into our own place (we lived with my inlaws for 4 yrs...since our son was born). He slept in our room, usually in bed with us, due to not having an extra room for him to sleep in. He's still doing this (although we are working on getting him to sleep in his own room).


Amy - posted on 01/15/2012




You don't say how old he is but being afraid of the dark is pretty common. My son is the same way and he's 5 years old. He hates being outside at dark and based on my conversations with him it's because of what he can't see like any wild animals or someone just out of sight. He sleeps in bed with us every other night and the nights he sleeps in his bed he always wakes up and gets into ours he says he just sleeps better there. No matter where he's sleeping we have to lay with him till he's asleep if we think he's asleep and he's not he comes downstairs looking for us.

My son has a lot of feats and anxieties about things and one of the things I've learned is if I downplay them and tell him there is nothing to worry about it makes it that much worst because although I don't understand it it's very real to him.

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