extreme temper tantrums occasionally after naps

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My two and a half year old toddler occasionally wakes up from her naps extremely angry, she is on a set schedule 12 o'clock nap time everyday, when I do lay her down she sings and talks till she falls asleep but most of the time she keeps herself up, we tell her its time to be quiet and go to sleep but the temper tantrums are random and last all evening. HELP


Kin - posted on 01/20/2015




Sometimes my two year old boy wakes up with a total attitude change and remains grumpy through the night. I started giving him longer naps, he had more time to fall asleep and a more complete sleep cycle, which seemed to help.

My 4yr old daughter, on the other hand, stopped taking naps at 18mo. She would scream her head off, sob, go into hysterics, the works! When she started school, her teachers didn't listen to me when I said she doesn't do naps, and they had to deal with the tantrums until they decided to let her read quietly instead.

I let her stop taking naps, and she makes up for it with about 11-12 hours of sleep at night. Sometimes she naps when she's really tired, but I don't see the point of putting her through the stress if the nap isn't effective anyways.

Try taking some extra quiet time with her before naps, read a story, talk about her favorite things, be attentive and don't let her feel as though she is being rushed into a nap. If she feels relaxed she will fall asleep easier and feel better. And if all else fails, sitting quietly on her bed, with a book or toy for an hour or so could replace nap time.

Goodluck :)

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