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Peita - posted on 01/02/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




First up, I want to say that I have an appointment for my little girl with the eye specialist at the end of March (earliest I could get) and I am asking questions out of curriosity, I haven't had any issues with my other 2 children's eyes and this is all new to me!!

My 14 month old little girl has one eye that opens a lot more than the other, one eye seems to be normal, where as the other eye opens so you can see the white of the eye all around the colour of the eye, I know that a lot of people have eyes that are different sizes (mine are slightly different, but it is not noticeable), but my DD's eye seems to open a lot more than the other, the larger eye also wander's a lot!! The inconsistency in her eyes was first noticed by a pharmacy worker when my DD was 4 months old, then she was hospitalised at 6 months old with Bronchiolitis and the PED mentioned it then and said that if it hadn't corrected by 12 months, then we needed to see the eye speciallist, if anything, her eye has gotton a little worse and more people are commenting on it!! I guess, I am just asking if anyone else has had any kind of experience with this kind of thing???

Thank you


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