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my son is 20 month old and has quite a wonkey eye the health vistor now wants a specalist too check him over. has anyone been through this could anyone explain what will happen im worried.


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Get him checked by a specialist. If caught early those problems can be fixed. Even some chiropractors can do adjustments that will help the nerve communication to the eyes without any invasive procedure.


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Hi, I work with this type of problem often in my office because I work as a developmental optometrist.

Usually "wonkey" eyes happen when the brain has problems combining the images from each eye into a single, understandable image.

Moms are frequently told to go to their pediatric ophthalmologist to "fix" everything. Before you do, I want you to realize what ophthalmologists will tell you. They will try to prescribe high power glasses to try to get the eyes to work together. Sometimes, especially in kids that are constantly moving and touching everything, this works. When it doesn't, the ophthalmologist will tell you that you need to do surgery. They will say this is necessary because there is a weak nerve or muscle. You can check this yourself - if you cover one eye, and the other eye is able to look in all directions on its own - there is no weakness that needs to be fixed.

PLEASE at least google VISION THERAPY before you consider surgery. Or, better yet, go to www.covd.org or www.oepf.org to find a developmental optometrist near you. You will be so very glad that you did because it is possible to resolve a "wonkey" eye with vision therapy.

Michelle - posted on 07/14/2010




what does the eye do, my son has on that goes up and outward when he is tired and not focusing

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