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my child is so sassy to other people . she said that she wants a facebook igave her one now i feel bad because shes only 11


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Dove - posted on 09/30/2014




My daughter has been asking for Facebook for a while now... she's not quite 13, so will get it FOR her birthday. I will have access to everything on it though and if she abuses it, it will be gone in an instant.

With today's technology that is a lot easier said than done though. My daughter doesn't have an iPhone, but her best friend does. My daughter has not yet been allowed to have an Instagram account, but she could at any time make one w/ her friend's phone and I'd never know.

If your child will disrespect your rules like that... that's a whole different ball game that I can't address at this point in my parenting life though.

Actions MUST have consequences though. Good actions get good consequences and bad actions get bad consequences. That's life. The 'trick' is to find a suitable consequence for the actions that will have a good enough impact... and stick.

You can NOT make parenting choices off of guilt. I know cuz I do it all the time. I have great kids, but they most certainly take advantage of me at times because of my normal 'mommy guilt' compounded w/ 'disabled mommy guilt'.

Ev - posted on 09/30/2014




1) The site says that the kids must be 13 or older to have a Facebook.
2) You are the parent. You can delete that account and not allow her to have it anymore.
3) As the parent you are supposed to teach her how to treat people and if she does not treat them right you need to be talking to her about why she is sassy and what can happen if she is that way with the wrong person.
4) You need to be giving her consequences for her actions and treatment of others if it is not nice.

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