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Cassie - posted on 03/30/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a boyfriend that chats through Facebook messenger with chicks and is always hiding his phone from me, but he has spy apps on his phone to keep track of when I'm online and off line how can I prevent him from knowing when I'm active or not


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Jodi - posted on 03/30/2014




My husband and I both have smartphones and facebook but we also have something even more important, trust. It sounds to me like the two of you are playing silly games and you CLEARLY don't trust each other. This is not at all healthy for your relationship. No-one should need to hide anything and no-one should need to spy on anyone. Sorry, but I'd be getting out of the relationship because there is clearly no trust.

Gena - posted on 03/30/2014




All i can say is i am very happy that my husband and i both dont use facebook and we are very happy to have "dumb phones"(a cellphone that is only used for phoning+sms,no internet) instead of smartphones.Not that we cant afford it,but to prevent silly arguements like you and your boyfriend have.Why must you always know when the other one is online?Why does he have to chat with other chicks? I have NO clue how to prevent him from knowing when you are online.But if i can give you advice,Try quit all those apps,a person can survive without facebook and all those apps.A cellphone should be used for calling and smsing..thats my personall point of view.If you want to surf the internet you can use a laptop/pc/tablet.

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