Failing at Potty Training my 3.5 yr old!

Lara - posted on 09/23/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son had started potty training last December with leaps and bounds - No. 1's were no problem - No. 2's however, are another story. I feel like I have tried everything, charts, rewarding, big boy underwear, long sitting times on the potty etc. He doesn't tell anyone when he does them, and ends up with sore red welts on his backside. Nothing I'm doing seems to be working. Has anyone ever experienced this? Advice?


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Cecilia - posted on 09/24/2013




What you need to understand that has nothing to do with you. You're along for the ride and it is his accomplishment and not yours.

Other than that, talk to the doctor, he might not be able to control it.

Ariana - posted on 09/24/2013




I would stop doing all of that right now.

Just let it go, it's okay if he doesn't go # 2 just yet. Let him know it's alright if he wants to use a diaper to go, but you obviously prefer him to use the potty and then just let him figure it out.

You can try to get an 'older' cool boy to come over and show him how 'he always uses the potty' so you can reference so and so is so big, you'll be big just like him and be able to use the potty all the time!

Tell him how great it is and how big and awesome he is when he does, but otherwise don't try to force him, and if he doesn't go on the toilet or wants to go in his diaper l et him.

I understand how easy that sounds and how hard it is to actually do. My son kept peeing himself (in my opinion purposefully) even after he knew how to use the toilet, at first I kept trying to tell him to cut it out and was getting upset, but eventually I just said, okay, it's not a big deal, he knows he shouldn't so he can put it under the sink and put on his new clothes but otherwise it's not that big a deal. He kept peeing/pooing himself at random for about a 3 weeks and it drove me crazy on the inside, but I just went oh well, next time try for the potty, and just didn't care and now he has been (virtually) totally potty trained.

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