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My son is a really bright kid, I never have behavior problems with him. But he was suspended from school for 2 days for kicking a girl in his class. I was SHOCKED when the principal called me to let me know of the incident, but she did tell me that the girl had kicked him first and he kicked her back harder. My son had been telling me about this girl that had been messing with him and other kids because she feels superior to them because she is the ass. principal's daughter. So, it turns out that this is the girl he kicked!!! We DON'T AGREE AT ALL with what he did!! However, now that he tells me that she had been doing it for days, kicking him and bugging him, trying to make him feel left out, I feel like she should have gotten some type of punishment for initiating the physical contact!! Which she DID NOT!! Do you think it's fair?


Michelle - posted on 11/03/2013




Since the school has told you that she kicked him first I would be making an appointment with the principal to make sure she gets punished as well. If you have no joy at school level then go higher! Just because she is the assistant principal's daughter doesn't mean anything.

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