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hi moms:)) i feel so bad my 10 month will not stop banging his head he recentley learned how to pull himself up to the couch and before i can catch him he falls straight back and boom i hear his head bang on the carpet its really scary for me because i am a first time mom how do i prevent this i feel like i have to stand by his side all day long


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Jennifer - posted on 05/11/2011




LOL there is not something wrong for him to be hurting himself when he falls off the couch! Until they learn how to get down SAFEly they WILL have tumbles. And they usually learn from these tumbles not to sit so close to the edge, etc. You could try to teach him how to get down from the couch....after he climbs up wait until you see him going towards the edge of the couch to get down and then have him turn around on his tummy and help him scoot himself down until his feet touch the floor. That is, unfortunately, the only advice I have to offer lol

Dolly - posted on 05/11/2011




take him to the doctor and tell them what is happen and see what they have to say about it there is something wrong for him to be doing that

Tina - posted on 05/11/2011




I know it feels bad but all kids do it. Just try to give a place where he can play and pull himselt up where he's not going to be hitting anything solid. My son was doing that i felt terrible but he's learnt now how to fall in such a way that he lands on his bum and not his head and has also has learnt how to get back down on the floor more carefully. Unfortunately there's not alot you can do other than make his environment a little safer by removing hard objects. Every child goes through this unfortunately it's how they learn and you can't always protect them all the time.

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