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As a preface: I would totally be excited to have another baby BUT I am not trying to make myself pregnant.... but I've been feeling kinda strange lately like something is moving in my lower abdomen (I felt my second child moving around 8 weeks) and I have some lower back pain and I'm completely exhausted. Here's the thing there are totally other explanations for the exhaustion and pains and I don't have any of the classic signs of pregnancy at all and since I'm still breastfeeding a lot i don't have a period yet from having my 1 year old. and I took an hpt about 2 1/2 weeks ago and it was negative but I still just feel pregnant. anyone out there have negative hpt's up until about 10 weeks which is probably what i would be now? Also anyone have pregnancies without the classic symptoms or without any symptoms?


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Looking at what Katherine wrote, I do think I knew I was pregnant, but I was able to write it off because I had no symptoms. It was almost like I was scared to be pregnant and so I ignored my gut feelings... at least until all the symptoms hit me like a freight train... lol

Katherine - posted on 08/07/2011




I had vertigo really bad with my first. They rushed me to the hospital and gave me a pregnancy test which turned up negative. So I just went along as usual. Three months later I thought, boy do I feel weird. So I did an EPT and it tested positive. So it's very possible. And honestly, a woman KNOWS when she's pregnant. I mean you just KNOW.

Good Luck.

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WIth my last one I didn't have any symptoms until I was 5 months along and then all of a sudden I had ALL the symptoms (literally - dog sick, swollen ankles, I gained 10 pounds in 3 days, felt baby move - and THAT was weird since I didn't know I was pregnant! lol). I didn't even think to check for pregnancy because on the advice of my doc I was skipping the placebo weeks on my birth control (BAD menstral migraines). Our littlest was sure a big suprise! lol

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