False Postive??

Cindy - posted on 05/06/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




So about two months ago I had a D&C. Last week I took a pregnancy test and it came up postive so the next day i took another one and it came up postive still. So I decided to go to the doctor and they did a uruine test first it came up negative then came up postive after 4 minutes. Could I possiably been pregnant and need to have a blood test? or is it maybe my HCG levels are still high?


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Kaitlin - posted on 05/06/2012




How did your follow up go for your D&C? Sometimes there can be trace elements that weren't removed that can cause your levels to remain high. I would get (another?) follow up with that doc and a blood test. Either way, it seems like it needs to be addressed.

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