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For Sale, I have one house that looks like a tornado blew threw, comes with Springtime outdoor pool/mud pit. As well we have one two year old who's favortie new word is NO and really enjoys taking off her poopy (only when it's poopy) diaper and hiding. There is also a very colorful four year old. He has decided paper is no good for coloring and has taken to coloring his body. And when I say body, I mean he has a purple penis and every color of the rainbow on the rest of him. If at all interested I will also throw in a lippy six year old who thinks that now that he goes to school he is smarterthan me and that he is always right. As an added bonus the adorable six-month old will be included. Sleeping is not on her agenda and crawling around finding everything she can to put in her mouth in her favorite past time, as is finding every nook and cranny she can squirm into to hide. Now, if you are still clinging to your seat waiting to pounce on this offer, I have one more bonus for you! A dh who is quite handy around the house, but has a strict schedule of once a month helping. He is also a very fun-loving guy, but only when the stars align just right and everything is perfect in his world. (Missing his alarm-like this morning-is against that rule) Now, I'm sure you are wondering what huge price you would have to pay for all these wonderful things. Well I have paid by becoming a wonderful milk machine, beautiful stretch marks, this layer of skin that no matter how much weight I lose still just hangs there over my gut and any and all traces of my sanity have vanished! So, I am offering all this for the low and easy payment of, NOTHING!! Take it, take it all, it's yours!!! Oh, and I forgot to add, they also come with lots of squishy hugs and slobbery kisses. Fighting over who gets to sit on your lap and then realizing that, as mommy, your lap grows with each child so there is always room for "one more". The joy of watching your baby take her first step and then crying as you watch them take their first steps to independence, knowing you helped them get there. Hearing them say their first word, and listening as it blooms to "I love you Mommy!" Gazing at your baby waiting for her to finally focus on your face, and then seeing this marvelous world for the first time all over again through their eyes. Doing more things in a day than should be humanly possible, getting completely exhausted and wondering what life was like before kids, but then having them come running, arms spread wide for a hug that can only come from mommy, and knowing that life before kids could never have been this good! So now, as I wipe the peanut butter from my shirt, clean the mud off the fridge, and pull whatever it is they got stuck in my hair out, I will recant my offer. Nothing on this world would be enough to make me give this all up! (p.s. did I mention, stretch marks make great roadways for cars and a wonderful runway for No, I don't think I could trade any of it. I mean, who else will love you when your hair isn't done, you're wearing your "comfy" pants, you are singing way off key and generally making a fool of yourself? Who else will love you just for being you and just for being there? No, that kind of love is what makes it all worth it. Ok, maybe the dh can still go. But then again, as the number of children I have indicates, he may get cranky, he may not be super helpful, but he is really good in one department. Maybe I will keep him around!! LMAO!!!


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Hilary...I'm sorry but some of the things you had posted was funny. Kids sure can really get your attention, that is for sure. I have 6 of my own and stay at home with them all. My oldest is going on 16 and thinks he just knows it all. The rest of them...13-1 years old...well they sure have their own little things to add in there too. I love each and everyone of them. But , boy you are right...sometimes you want to hand them over, even though you really wouldn't do it. I couldn't anyways. I wouldn't take the world for my children. They are my world and my life. Hubby...he's good to me and the kids,,,but of course he can act like 2 babies in one.So, I guess I have 8 total in all. Stretch marks and getting bigger...well got them too. So, don't feel bad. Got the big line on the belly from c-section to show me that I had my first child. So, he is embedded in me, that is for sure.
If something ever happened to any of my babies,( no matter how old they are, they are my babies) I wouldn't know what to do with myself. I would be lost without any of them. I wouldn't have a life anymore. I look back to when they weren't in the picture. I diffently would do it all over again to have them. Even though they may push my buttons, they are mine to love me as much as I love them. Watching them learn to walk was and is a blessing in itself and to watch them grow up and knowing they are one day are going to leave...that does break my heart, even though sometimes, I can't wait. Funny how life can be. But, all children is a miracle and a blessing in itself, not matter what they look like or what they are. They are blessings.

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