Family problems! PLEASE HELP ME :(

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This is my boyfriend and I's first child together. He already has two other children by 2 different women. The first women he has a daughter with is 8 years old, and the second women the daughter is a year old. I moved in with my boyfriend, which is 3 hours away from my home town. I have struggled a lot being away from my family but in general in the comfort of my home town near the city of Indianapolis. As of the moment I fee like a live in the middle of no where. I am lonely majority of the time. My boyfriend works from home most of the time, and I can just walk into his office and talk to him, but I still feel as if I am cut off from the world. He has family that lives here, but his mother and other family members seem to be getting to me a lot more. His mother comes over with out a phone call and barges into our home as if it was hers. Same with his sisters. They will bring people over and show them around our house as it was theirs. There has also been a bit of mis understanding with the mother of my boyfriends first child. She's not letting her daughter come over as much as she used to since I have been with my boyfriend. She wil say because there are other things going on, but she has told my boyfriends family it is because she does not like me. I also have concerns about the other mother of his second daughter. He has not had much time with her and the mother doesn't seem to care if he does spend time with her. Most of all I am just feeling over board with the drama and not feeling as if my unborn daughter matters as much as his other girls. I would really like to move home, but I keep hearing his mother say "He wont ever see his daughters." And that she does not understand why I need support and help. I want to be home, around my family, and have support & help. I just want to be happy and around people who make me happy. Someone please help me!

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