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ading onto what Jennifer posted...

... and how often the stepchild is in the stepmother's care

...and how involved the bio mom AND bio dad are (as well as a stepdad if there is one)

... and if there are any special considerations (i.e. learning disabilities in the children, special clauses in the court order, etc.)

... and if the stepmom is "official" or not (i.e. are she and the bio dad married? have they been in a relationship long enough to know it's going to last? etc.)

... and LOTS of other factors.

NO stepmother relationsip is the same as any other. All of them are different and all stepmothers simply cannot be lumped into one group. Of course there are very general FAQ, but there is very rarely one "cover-all" answer out there for even the most basic of stepmom FAQs.

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ummm... Do you want people to ask you questions about stepmotherhood? Or do you have questions you would like help with? I'm a bit confused here...


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I totally agree w/ these ladies. There would be a massive difference in the role of a stepmom who is raising her stepchildren because biomom is dead or otherwise out of the picture versus a stepmom who has spent a grand total of a month (spread out among several visits) in the presence of her stepchildren.....

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It would all depend on what your decided role and level of involvement are.

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