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I'm so scared my baby might have FSA. I always thought that I'd be aborting my pregnancy but I decide last minute that I couldn't go through with it. Now I'm scared my baby will have FDA. I've been binge drinking through my 1st and now my 2nd trimester. Please someone give me hope.


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Well good going. That's why they tell you not to do drugs or drink during pregnancy, it does not abort your baby and that was cruel and selfish. Talk to your doctor.
Also there are people that didn't know that they were pregnant and did that but once they found out they stopped and their kids are okay as far as I know. Except for ones child. She was so selfish she continued to drink and supposedly did ecstasy as well and the poor boy was born with his insides on the outside so they had to be out back in at birth, he was born without muscle tissue in both arms so he can't use them, he had clubbed feet so the doctors said he would never be able to walk. Luckily now he's walking but still can't use his arms. If he wants to put his hand on something he has to swing his body to make his hand flop onto it. He is so far behind in speech and learning its sad. I love that little boy he's a little sweetheart though. To make matters worse this girl left him with her mother, abandoned him just like that when he needs her the most but she would rather party. There's more to the story but I'll stop it here.
I don't want to scare you but this is reality I'm not here to sugar coat anything, it's serious and you knew better. And I hope you stop drinking completely. And I pray that your baby will be as healthy as can be.

P.S: just so you know the alcohol you consume stays and has an affect on the baby longer than it does on you.

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