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Clare - posted on 04/23/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




hi every1 i need a bit of advice really i have has 2 children quite close together my youngest is 18months im desperate to lose my baby weight i got 3st to lose (aiming for 10st) i feel huge and ugly. i want to look slim again and look amazing for my fiance. my trouble is i cant get rid of the temptation i got a morning and get to about 3 oclock then i eat something naugthy, i dont even want it its just habit. is there any way i can stop this


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Kaitlin - posted on 04/23/2012




Well, you certainly aren't the only one with no will power! ;)

We do Body For Life- it does change your way of thinking but, unlike a diet, it doesn't deprive you of your tasty treats. In fact, you are supposed to, once a week, pick a day to eat junk all day long- it tells you to go to mcdonalds and eat a burger or whatever ;) During the week when I crave something I write it down on a big list in my kitchen and save that list for Sunday (that's our 'day off'). It works really well for my family.

Diets usually fail because when you 'mess up' you have guilt, and then comfort eat.

Clare - posted on 04/23/2012




thats my trouble i have no will power and i cant change my way off thinking. thats what stopping me cause i no what to do its just physically doing it is the trouble x

Louise - posted on 04/23/2012




Will power! Make sure you eat a good healthy breakfast to stop the hunger pangs and dont buy the naughty stuff. If it is not there and you have to go out of your way to go and buy it, you have time to stop and think do I really want it.

If you want to lose weight you have to have your mind set to it. If your head is not telling you to diet then there is no point. Will power is the key.

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