father insults son and cuts hair

Kacey - posted on 11/18/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




my son has a love for his hair and has for some time he is now five almost 6 in feb and just recently asked me if he could have tracks in his hair , as i was getting re married i thought what a nice way of including him in the day and i allowed him to have the star tracks ,it looked very stylish and proffessional and we recieved nothing but lovely comments on the day , they only last for upto two weeks and i was going to take him for a tidyup during the week and on a visitation with his dad and step mum ,they decided it was "stupid and silly " told my son how stupid my partner and i was and dragged him ito the bathroom while my 7 year old daughter told him not to cut it and shaved it all of so much so my son looks like he has a razor cut !My son was very upset , there was no communication on this and i dont think it s his decision how our son has his hair aslong as its clean neat and tidy am i just bieng a drama queen ?or is this just over the top and so far over a boundry of emotional abuse ?I t seems reasonable to me that a child have some small choices in life and this will help guide them as they grow to make well informed decisions

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Dove - posted on 11/18/2012




It stinks that your ex has such disregard for your son that he would do something like that and you both have every right to be upset.

That being said.... if you can't calmly talk to your ex and get him to understand your (and your son's) side... it IS just hair and will grow back eventually. I would not let your son know how much this incident upset you. Sympathize with his feelings, of course, but reassure him instead of going on the attack against his father (not saying you did or will.... just offering my input).

Heartless? Yes. Over the top emotional abuse? Not on this incident alone.

Michelle - posted on 11/18/2012




My ex did the same thing when my son was little I sat him down and explained to him that since I am with my 95% of the time it is my decision as to how he has his hair and if that it is just hair and he will eventually outgrow this phase and move onto another. He was informed that all haircuts were to be left up to me and to never cut it again. My son has since died his hair blonde and has had it blue for a couple of weeks in the summer, to me it is just hair and not something I wish to fight with my son about.

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