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I have a 13 month old son. I have tried being civil with his father to discuss about visitation rights and at the start when he walked out on us, he couldnt make any decision on when he was seeing his son. So after letting him have the chance to let me know what he wanted, i ended up deciding for him as he could not decide when he wanted to see his son as i was moving on and did not want to be with him for all sorts of reasons. I have never stopped him from coming over to see him, if i couldn't make a night i always made it for the weekend as he was only 1.5 months old when he packed all his things and left.

He was seeing my son 3 night a week for 3 hours. There were times i let him stay over to spend more time with him etc. It got to the point that all he would do is threaten me to take me to court to get 50/50 custody. He had then claimed down and choose to write the house over to my name. As my parents legal helped us with the deposite to help us get the house which he couldn't make a decision if he wanted to buy it. And i choose to buy the house. I have been paying for the mortgage as i refused for him to pay for it after he walked out on us. So the house is written in my name just the bank home loan is in joint as he has it pending as he is now threatening me that he will get wat he wants. Hell take me for to court for 50/50 custody and to get the house off me.

Im over the threatening and im over the situation, i want whats best for my son, i want him to see his father without his father constantly threatening me. He wants his son saturday to sunday once a fortnight with one day in the week. I'm happy for him to take him but i refuse for him to have him over the night has he has not proven to me that he can take care of him for the times he was over seeing his son.

Help i don't know what to do any more...


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Jodi - posted on 02/02/2015




Not your call whether he can have the child overnight. He doesn't HAVE to prove anything to you. Only the court. And yes, he IS likely to get joint custody in a court.

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