Father not wanting to follow court order..

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I Had decided to take my daughter's father to court because he was missing visits and was not helping out financially. When he was there for visitation he was constantly arguing with me and I had to kick him out of my house several times. He Was only civil with me when he wanted to work things out and when I told him I didn't want to All hell broke loose. So in 2011 when my daughter was one, we had a court date regarding custody and child-support. He never filed paperwork and never showed up to the court date. I was given sole legal and physical custody of my daughter, awarded with child support and he was granted supervised visitation through a parenting skills center; supervised visitation could change as long as he went and had a psychiatric evaluation done and passed. He had only seen her once since the court date. he has taken me back to court since to lower child support but not for visitation. He then moved to California without telling us and I found out from a coworker of his three months later. Recently he has offered to fly out here at some point to come see her not at the parenting skills center. Since he lives in California he said he would only be able to see her a couple times a year and refuses to move back down here. He refuses to get the psychological evaluation done and says that he will just wait until she's older and tell her that I kept her from him. The reason he was given a psychological evaluation was because he had had inappropriate contact with minor girls before not Physically ( that I am aware of) but verbally and also suffers from bipolar disorder which he refuses to seek help for. He Is now getting married and talking about having other children within the next year so.. Am I doing the right thing by keeping with the court order?


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I would contact your lawyer and let the courts know he's not abiding by the court orders.
Yes, you are correct to stick to the court orders because if something did happen (not saying it will) to your daughter and it wasn't during supervised visits like court ordered then you could be charged for not protecting her.
There is a reason the court put those conditions on him and you need to make sure you stick to them.

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