Father of Baby Left me pregnant

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This is my first time posting but I feel compelled to tell my story and ask for advice from the community.

My baby's father left me when I was 7 months pregnant while I was living in Alabama with him. I was originally from Michigan and had been living with him when I found out I was pregnant.

He broke up with me after a fight we had one night and told me he wanted to be a 'team' even though he didn't want to live with me anymore. I had no family or friends in Alabama and made the difficult decision to move back to Michigan and have my baby there.
I left at 37 weeks pregnant and my family had to come down and move me back to Michigan. I was constantly wondering why he left me and thought he must have found someone else. When I delivered my baby in Michigan he drove up from Alabama and was in the delivery room. Because I still loved him I put his name on the birth certificate and hyphenated our last names (big mistake). I soon came to find out that


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Well, you didn't finish, but if the next words were "I found out that he was cheating", it has no bearing on his paternity, nor on his rights to co-parent and have a relationship with the child. In that regard, his rights and yours are the same.

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