Father of daughters is fight for custody in NewYork, We live in SC

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Because this man pays $15 a week per child, child support said he had a legal right for girls to go and visit in New York. Everything was fine until six ays before i picked up girls. I when to NYPD they laughed in my face, he's the father we can't do anything. This man Has seen the girls three times in ten years. I when to NY family court, he bribed the 13 years with a cell phone to say she was abused. She was sexting and I punish her by taking cell and computer away as crime against child said to do. Let me make this perfectly clear I can't get CPS NY or SC to make changes there are none. I have pastor, teachers, police, crime against children all as character witnesses, all in sc. The NY judge has made up her mind, she going to give he custody. I try to have venue changed court would;t hear it. I need help I'm on a limited income and my girls are intellectually challenge (low IQ) and 9 year has ataxia. I have more than enough evidence to proof he is abuser and many other disgusting things. Be NY will not listen. PLEASE HELP ME


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Raye - posted on 10/26/2015




Child support and custody/visitation are two different things. If you didn't have court orders for custody, then he has as much right to the kids as you do. If the court feels that you intentionally kept him away from them, that is parental alienation, and the judge will usually side with the father in those cases and grant the father partial or full custody.

What is your proof that he is an abuser? If the proof is that he abused someone other than his children, then that doesn't hold up in court. If your kids would willingly lie to the court to live with a man they barely know, then there are more issues between you and your kids than you're telling.

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